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    Things to Take Note When Purchasing Pearl Jewelry

    Of all the types of the jewelry, the pearl studded ones are among the classiest. However, they are also the type of jewelry that can easily be imitated. They can be mistaken with white beads with glossy finish. Identifying which one is legit is somewhat easy to do. First you need to know the common pearl imitations to fully distinguish them from the real ones. The most common among them are the plastic beads. They are usually very light and coated with pearl essence and being hand polished every after each coat. Another imitation type are the glass beads, they are a bit heavier compared to the plastic ones but…

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    A Woman’s Treasure

    Like me, most women hold in their chests a bunch of man-made trinkets. What I meant as chest is the familiar ‘jewelry box’ but warmly taken, ‘heart’ could be a perfect word substitute because everything inside the treasure box is collected for the love of this treasure. Cramped inside my treasure chest are string pearl necklaces, something that I’m sure taking most of the space of other women’s treasure chests as well. Hits: 551 229Shares229    

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    Lucky Charms

    2012 is the year of the Water Dragon and most of my friends who believe in Feng Shui, charm bracelets and other related beliefs are now busy choosing their lucky charm bracelets. They say wearing one will bring positive vibes and lucky things into their lives. Personally, I don’t believe in lucky charms and that is the reason I am not an avid fan of buying one. But I have several key chains in my collections that some of my friends considered as lucky charms. I don’t use them though. I just display them on my cabinet as part of my collections. If there is such a term as lucky…

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    Diamond As Investment

    For the last four years the currency has been erratic, oftentimes dwindling. If you have invested on stocks, chances are you have lost money already, unless you bought them while they are low and you are just starting and hoping to get a return in the future. Why not instead invest on something that does not usually depreciates, instead it appreciates as time goes by? Like land sans the building, diamonds are good investment buys. Unlike land, though, a small one can be brought anywhere. It can also be turned into a fashion jewelry and attend social parties with the rich and famous with ease. Start your investment by buying…