• Technology

    I Heart Hoot Suite and Google Reader

    Just a few weeks ago, I started using Hoot Suite and Google Reader. To my surprise, both of them made my online life much easier particularly with twittering, blog reading and commenting. With Hoot Suite, I can add up all my twitter accounts in one page. I can follow, tweet and re-tweet all at the same page. As for Google Reader, I get to read all my favorite blogs with their updated posts all in one view. So, I can immediately click on the post and comment. Since my life got easier now, I think I don’t need to look for acne treatments that work. I think I won’t get…

  • Health

    Best Acne Treatment Products?

    Speaking about acne and preventing your children from having a scarred face, do you have any idea what is the best acne treatment nowadays? I believe due to our progressing science and technology more discoveries and inventions are taking place to improve the lives of people. So, probably there are several acne treatments that works safe and effectively. I have seen several commercials on products that improve the skin texture and also preventing from face infection but I haven’t seen one that can heal acne. Do you have an idea which product is the best? Have you proven it to be safe and effective? Care to share? Hits: 213 232Shares229 3