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    Want a Flip Mino Video Camera? I DO!!

    To be honest, grabbing opps lately is becoming very hard for me. Unlike last May 2008, I was able to grab several tasks within a day. Now, there are days and even weeks that I have ZERO tasks. So, I decided into venturing in another legal way of putting a few bucks or even gadgets on my pocket or bag. I started joining contests!! Yup, after my recently concluded “birthday bash,” I started searching for other cool blog contests and here is one of those that I have found that I think it’s very COOL to join. Here are the details: Once again wordpressthemedesigner.com brings to you another exciting contest!…

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    Big Girl’s Birthday at Mambukal

    Here are some of the pictures that we took at our Mambukal Mountain Resort escapade during my Baby Girl’s birthday. All pictures were taken last Saturday and Sunday. Going to Mambukal and First Day Pics Second Day Pics More Second Day Pics Hits: 473 232Shares229 3