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    WBFC – Email Subscribing!

    Welcome participants to Weekend Blog Follower Caravan!! For this week, we will subscribe at each others blogs via email. We want fresh contents delivered straight to your emails! For this blog, you can subscribe here: Enter your email address: Just leave a comments and I will return the favor ASAP!!! By the way, please confirm subscription once it arrives at your email to make it valid! As of now, I already have 120 email subscribers… hoping for more soon. :yes: Hits: 250 229Shares229    

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    Weekend Blog Follower Caravan #2

    We are now on our second week for Weekend Blog Follower Caravan as hosted by Pinay Mommy Bloggers and yours truly, Pinay Mommy Online. Welcome to my blog!! If you are already a follower, below are some of my blogs to which you can follow as an alternate to this blog: Proud Mommy of Three Easy Tasks Info Hits: 177 229Shares229    

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    Backup Services

    Most of my blog hosting clients are very busy. Sometimes because of their busy lives, they are not able to make a weekly backup of their blogs. That is why some of them asked me if I could offer a remote backup service for them. They are willing to pay a minimal amount to me every month as I backup their blogs weekly. Anyway, I already have this in mind before but I haven’t made up the policies that will govern this kind of service that is why I am not yet able to propose these to my clients. Since most of them are willing to pay, I think it…