• Events

    Attended Blogging: Unmasked!

    Last October 14, 2010, we at Negros Bloggers Club initiated a blogging talk entitled “Blogging: Unmasked” together with Mr. Enrico Dee of Byahilo.com, a renowned travel blogger. He invited one of his friends, Mr. Fitz Villafuerte a blogging guru on personal finance as one of our guest speakers. The blogging talk was attended by 20 plus participants who were bloggers and interested to blog. They all came wanting to learn more about blogging and how we could make money online through it. As for me, the event was successful. Having those numbers of attending participants is already a miracle since it was a working day. Here are some pictures we…

  • Musings

    My Christmas List

    Christmas Season is fast approaching. Actually we are in “ber” month now. Speaking of Christmas, I have already started making my Christmas List and one item that is on my list right now is a laptop computer. As a full time blogger, this one is very very important to me. Actually, I used to have one before, but due to financial matters, I was forced to give my laptop up and sell it. Now, I am contented with my desktop computer and it can still do all the “computer jobs” for me. But there are times that I wish that I have a laptop computer especially when I attend a…

  • Technology

    Life Improved By Technology

    In this generation, we cannot deny the fact that technology has exponentially improved our lives. We can do our works fast, easy and reliable because of technology. In large companies, they use heavy duty industrial pc to run their businesses efficiently and effectively. These kind of pc’s are built for multplie purposes and numerous programs are installed in these units to keep the company’s operation running. Computers are everywhere and they serve as in countless ways. Like me, as a blogger, computer is very essential in my life because I earn dough online; without it, life would be much more difficult for me. I don’t know how my family can…

  • Health

    Acne Scars

    When my blogger friend saw my picture at Facebook, she asked me what my secret of having a flawless face but I immediately replied that I just look good at the picture because of my digital camera. In reality, I don’t have a flawless skin. I have many facial scars thus I badly in need of acne scar removal! Anyway, I have found a great site about this; you can click here for acne scar removal information. This might help us achieve close to a flawless skin. 😉 Hits: 469 229Shares229