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    Being Healthy is Having a Clean Colon

    I have read from one site that if a person eats a lot of unhealthy food, he or she will have a lot of toxins on his or her colon. And because of this, the body will have a hard time staying healthy. So, to remedy this problem, one should undergo colon cleansing. A person should have his colon cleanse regularly to stop the accumulation of toxins. Therefore, if you want to stay healthy nowadays, taking colon cleanser supplements is a must! Hits: 114 229Shares229    

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    Health and Me

    I am not a health conscious person. To be honest, I think I am very abusive when it comes to my body because I usually don’t sleep at night and I eat too much pork and drinks too much cola! So lately, I am starting to feel a lot of aches all over my body. Aside from that, I also feel so weak and always sleepy. To feed my conscience, I started drinking water again instead of cola. Then I lessen my pork intake by eating fish and supplementing my body with vitamins. The only thing I am not yet able to do is adjusting my sleeping habits. I am…

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    Our Body Starts Dying at the Age of 25

    I read from an article before that the human body starts dying at the age of 25. It doesn’t technically mean that it dies, but it starts to age. The article said this is so because the cells in our body could no longer repair themselves thus they age and eventually die. The production of the newly formed cells decreases. The amount of dying cells or aging cells increases while the production of new cells decreases. Therefore the human body will start to age and feels tired easily. So if you reach the age of 25, you should not abuse your body like the way you do when you were…