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    Preparing for 2011

    Most of the people I knew are getting ready for 2011 responsibilities. One of my friends is already searching for car insurance quotes online. She said that she needed insurance for her car as a requirement by the government in renewing registrations. As for my friends who are working in the office are busy preparing year-end reports for their companies annual convention next year. As for me, I haven’t started yet. I am planning to list all the things I need to accomplish by January next year like my SSS contribution and my passport. Aside from that, we are preparing for a major move to our home town next year.…

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    Missing My Hometown

    I was born and raised in the city of Cagayan de Oro, known as the City of Golden Friendship. It’s been awhile since I left the shores of my hometown and stayed here in Bacolod City and it’s been two years since my last visit. Therefore, I missed my hometown terribly and how I wished I will be able to visit again. Anyway, today is August 28, 2010 and it marks Cagayan de Oro City’s Charter Day. So to all my compatriots in Cagayan de Oro, Happy Fiesta to all!! 93 total views, no views today Hits: 1347

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    Hope to Wear Someday

    My husband and I never experienced a church wedding. We were wed at Cagayan de Oro City’s Hall of Justice about 10 years ago. We planned to have a church wedding before but eventually when three kids came, our plans were altered. Our supposed church wedding for our 10th year anniversary last January was postponed. Anyway, we still planned to pursue a church wedding but maybe when we reach our 15th year anniversary. So, that means about 5 years from now I might have the chance to wear a wedding dress and my hubby a tuxedo vest! But of course, since that is still far from reality, all I can…

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    Needing Your Help for Cagayan de Oro

    Many of you might be wondering why I haven’t posted about Cagayan de Oro City, my beloved hometown, wherein fact 80% of the barangays there were affected by flood. Actually, I hate to be the bearer of bad news. I can’t find the heart to see my hometown suffering. Photo Credit on Blog Post: Himantayon Anyway, the reason why I am blogging about it right now is to share with you a burden. Chiq Montes, the founder of CDO Bloggers to which I belong, will be launching a Feeding Program Project this coming weekend. Chiq together with my fellow bloggers in CDO will distribute rice and noodles to the most…