• CDO Bloggers Blogging 101 Workshop

    CDO Bloggers’ Blogging 101 Workshop

    Earlier today, I had the privilege to talk again during the CDO Bloggers’ Blogging 101 Workshop. This is part of the CDO Bloggers Members Development Program which will be a series of seminars and workshops geared towards the upgrading the skills of each member. The Blogging 101 Workshop was just the first for this year. Blogging 101 Resource Speaker I have been a resource speaker for Blogging 101 for many years now. In fact, this was my third for this year. The first was in Ozamis City and the second one is with Manila Workshop that was held here in Cagayan de Oro City. And to be honest, I am…


    #MyGreenCDO – CDO Bloggers’ 2019 Social Media Campaign

    Just last month, CDO Bloggers Network just launched their 2019 Social Media Advocacy Campaign – #MyGreenCDO. This social media advocacy campaign is the second campaign CDO Bloggers had. The first one was #Come2CDO which encourages tourists to visit Cagayan de Oro. This time. #MyGreenCDO social media advocacy campaign hopes to recognize the small and big efforts done by every Kagay-anon (a person from Cagayan de Oro City) to have more greens in the city. And secondly, encourages every Kagag-anon and even businesses and establishments to plant more greeneries around. We all know that plants and trees give off oxygen. More greens equate to cleaner air. So, I am all into…