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    My Trick Out Photo

    Mommy Vhiel invited me to join her Halloween Blog Party. Since I love blog parties, I decided to join and participate in her contest. Here is my entry to her “Trick Out Photo” Contest. I hope it stand a chance. This photo was taken last October 31, 2007 about a year ago. Frame credits goes to Tickled Pink Digiscrap’s Boo! Freebies and was edited using Paint and PhotoShop CS3. By the way, if you want to join, please click on the banner above for more details. ^_^ Hits: 520 229Shares229    

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    The Daugther Has A Daugther

    At Pinay Mommies Community Weekly Fest, we are required to post a picture of ourselves then and now. Unfortunately, I only have one baby picture and I left it at Bacolod. So what you can see here are those old pictures that I already have scanned before. The “THEN” is during my preschool years. The first picture is with my mom. All were taken during my birthday. We are not that rich so taking pictures was a privilege during birthdays. The solo “NOW” was taken last September 2007 while I was still working and the second is with my daughter during the Masskara Festival last 2005. The little cute picture…

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    Lourdes’ Mia

    My blog Lourdes’ Mia was named after my mom. Mia was a shorter version of the name Maria. My mom used to call me Maria when I was still little and she still does if she wants to tease me. I found an old picture and decided to post it here.So here it is, a picture of my mom Lourdes and her Mia (Lourdes’ Mia): Now the question is: “Is Mia cute or beautiful?” I am sorry folks, that’s the only option available for now. LOL!! Hits: 561 229Shares229    

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    Remembering My Best Friends

    Its two months already since I left Bacolod. I already missed my acquaintances there especially those who became my dearest best friends, Vanessa and Mae. They were the ones who really made my stay wonderful. I could still remember when Vanessa and I looked for clip on earrings. Back then, her ears weren’t pierced yet. So, finding earrings for here was quite difficult but we had a great time. Mae was very funny. She makes me laugh every time I started crying because of my problems. Anyway, we still send text messages to each other but still it would be nice if I could see them and hang around them…