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    Can We Dream of Airports and Airplanes in the Sky?

    I love the night sky with all its twinkling lights not only from the stars but also from the airplanes that zoom around the area. My children also share the same love for the sheer beauty of the skies, and in some instances we talk about going on flights to various places of the world aboard airports. There are also times when we talk about visiting various airports like the small runways in the Caribbean seas, or of far off places that have neat parking spaces like that of Gatwick airport parking and then some. Unfortunately, as of the moment, we do not have a lot of chances for those…

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    Red Spots

    Just lately, I noticed red spots on my baby’s arms and legs. At first, I felt shocked of what I saw because the quickest idea that came to my mind was baby eczema. But after careful examination, thank God they were only insect bites! Anyway, I am still being careful. I don’t give full confidence in everything I see especially if it involves the children. I am always keeping guard of what is happening to them even in little ways. Hits: 624 229Shares229    

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    Health Issues at Home

    If most of you guys noticed, my kids and I have been sickly for almost every month now, if not my baby boy, then my big girl or me and sometimes both of them at the same time or all of us. It’s very stressful, down hearting and financially straining. Sometimes I felt that I was kind of under a bad weather always. Anyway, I have been thinking about it lately. Maybe the three of us are just adjusting to the new environment. We weren’t sickly as this when we were in Bacolod but when we arrived here, everything just happened week after week!So I decided to do something about…