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    Solution for Non-Green Thumbs

    There are people who were born with the uncanny ability to take care of plants. It seems as if gardening runs in their blood. These green thumbs can still manage to work their magic on plants, trees and flowers even if these are withered already. But then there are those who are not blessed with a green thumb. Now what could these “non-green” thumbs do if they want greens but they have no idea how to capably care for plants? The solution is to go artificial. Yes, artificial plants are the way to go if you know for a fact that you can never keep a plant alive but you…

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    Violeta’s Flower Kiosk

    While I was playing CityVille, I was thinking what to name my flower kiosk. Then I remembered the shops that sell New York City flowers that I have seen on many Hollywood movies. So I thought maybe I should name them New York Flower Kiosk thinking that my growing city will be like New York City in the future. Then I also remembered my sister. Her name is Violeta, driven from the word violet which is also a known flower. So instead of naming it to New York Flower Kiosk, I named it Violeta’s Flower Kiosk. Hits: 114 229Shares229