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    Price Increases

    It seems that price increases have jumpstarted the New Year. When I went to the grocery store, prices of prime commodities and toiletries have gone up. Even if it is just a few cents for some and up to some pesos for others, still there are price adjustments and if you total your purchase, they have really affected my budget. Thank God that I don’t have other bills to pay like car insurance or health insurances. At least I only have our daily expenses and my children’s school expense to think of. Well, yeah, there is the house and electricity, but these are regular expenses that we are sure to…

  • Health

    Best Acne Face Wash

    I have blogged so many times that I hate acne. I have a bad past and present relationship with them and I don’t want to meddle on their affairs in the future. That is why I am planning to buy the best acne face wash in the grocery. Well, there are treatments available but since I couldn’t afford them, I decided to settle down with an acne face wash and just maintain it. I am not sure it is effective but I believe it is worth the try. My face’s future is as stake! LOL! Hits: 148 229Shares229