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    Violeta’s Flower Kiosk

    While I was playing CityVille, I was thinking what to name my flower kiosk. Then I remembered the shops that sell New York City flowers that I have seen on many Hollywood movies. So I thought maybe I should name them New York Flower Kiosk thinking that my growing city will be like New York City in the future. Then I also remembered my sister. Her name is Violeta, driven from the word violet which is also a known flower. So instead of naming it to New York Flower Kiosk, I named it Violeta’s Flower Kiosk. Hits: 114 229Shares229    

  • Musings

    Baby You Can Drive My Car!

    I was once asked about my dream car. My usual answer was anything that runs good in less fuel. I guess that is my prompt reply always since I know that I have limited financial resources. But if I were to be asked again about my dream car if I have enough money in the world, I would proudly answer this: 2008 Ford Mustang GT Bullitt (in Satin Black)!! I guess everybody knows why. If you remember Steve McQueen from the movie ‘Bullitt,’ having a Ford Mustang parked at your garage would definitely say it! The style, the comfort, the Bullit wheels and the action would really make all things…