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    Best Acne Face Wash

    I have blogged so many times that I hate acne. I have a bad past and present relationship with them and I don’t want to meddle on their affairs in the future. That is why I am planning to buy the best acne face wash in the grocery. Well, there are treatments available but since I couldn’t afford them, I decided to settle down with an acne face wash and just maintain it. I am not sure it is effective but I believe it is worth the try. My face’s future is as stake! LOL! Hits: 148 229Shares229    

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    The Certified Movie Buff

    Did you know that this mommy is a certified movie buff? If not, now you know! As you can see, I created a blog called, The Movie Mommy. Watching movies is like my hobby or passion. If other people have travel, kikay, and food blog for their passion, I have a movie blog! Update, I don’t have that blog anymore. I do movie blogging here or in my other blogs. And because I like watching movies, I love to do it almost every week especially if I like the movies shown on the local big screen cinemas. Of course, since it entails big bucks to watch movies on the big…