• Events

    Pinay Mommy Online on the Recently Concluded iBlog7

    When the schedule for iBlog7 was announced, I got so excited that I immediately went to an airline website to book a flight and I think my lucky stars were with me then because I was able to get a promo fare!! When April 1, 2011, came, I hurried myself to Bacolod-Silay International Airport and after a few hours later… I was already at the doorways of Malcolm Hall, UP Diliman, Quezon City. The first bloggers I met were fellow mommy bloggers from Pinay Mommies Community. They were all fun and accommodating. Image Courtesy of Mhel Ignacio As the first day of iBlog7 progressed, I was able to hear many…

  • Health

    Why Drug Tests are Important

    I’m sure you have tried to apply for a job in the past and you probably know that drug testing is a mandatory requirement in most companies. However, there still seems to be a lot of flak going on around it particularly since there are many union members that are opposed to the idea of submitting themselves for drug testing whether it’s something that was scheduled or if it’s being done randomly. Come to think of it though, companies make random drug testing a protocol when screening applicants because they want to avoid the ill effects of substance abuse in the workplace like tardiness, absenteeism, poor production, attitude problems, theft,…

  • Musings

    Unfortunate Event

    Sometimes unfortunate events happen in our lives—and sometimes they happen one after the other that you wonder why on earth are these things happening to you? I mean, you try to plan your life and expect good returns but somehow, along the way, life plays tricks on you. I remember that when a friend of mine got pregnant, she had a pretty calm first trimester. While many women suffer a lot during this time, she was pretty okay. But when her second trimester came, problems arose when she started experiencing pain on her back. As it turned out, she had a kidney stone that got dislodged on her ureter, hence…

  • Shopping

    Mother’s Day 2010

    Mother’s Day for this year 2010 will happen on May 9. Are you ready for it? Well, before you forget about it, I suggest you get ready for it. Speaking about getting ready for Mother’s Day, I just saw a website with a lot of resources where you can order online gifts and special Mother’s Day flowers. It will be easier for you to get prepared and get it done. So, if you are interested, you can visit at http://giftsnflowers.webs.com. There is no harm if you are always advance and prepared! Hits: 492 229Shares229