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    Mayweather vs. Pacquiao Goes Beyond Boxing #OneForPacman

    Living next door to a former WBC Junior Lightweight Champion Rene Barrientos, boxing was introduced to me at a very young age. I watched several fights while growing up but never showed much enthusiasm in boxing until Oscar De La Hoya​ came. I loved every bit of him (I guess you know why) and that is when I became an official boxing fan. But when Manny Pacquiao​ came, as much as I loved Oscar De La Hoya, I became Team Pacman. Floyd Mayweather​ Jr is a great boxer. He has the skills and record to show for it. While Manny Pacquiao on the other hand has proven his worth as…

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    Manny Pacquiao’s HP Veer Commercial

    Manny Pacquiao have really leveled up not only in his boxing career but also in his commercial endorsements. When I saw Manny Pacquiao Nike commercial I was really awed but when I saw his HP Veer commercial, I was like “Awesome!” HP Veer Manny Pacquiao Commercial If you know the history of Manny’s life, you would be amazed. He may not be fluent in English but he does try his very best in what he do. That is why it’s no brainer if he will have more successful commercial endorsements in the future from big companies. Hits: 211 229Shares229    

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    Excited to Watch Mayweather Jr VS Marquez Boxing Fight

    Exactly one month from now will be the much awaited Floyd Mayweather Jr. VS Juan Manuel Marquez boxing fight. I am quite excited because as we all know I am a boxing fan! Not because of Manny Pacquiao but I really love watching the sport! Anyway, I am looking for a site or place where I could watch Mayweather VS Marquez online live streaming on July 18, 2009. I am thinking of getting a ticket and watch it at our local theaters or just go to HBO and subscribe a pay per view for the fight. But still, I am keeping my hopes high to watch Mayweather VS Marquez free…