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    Crying in Front of My PC Monitor

    One of the things my mom would usually laugh about me is seeing me crying in front of my PC monitor. She said it’s kind of weird seeing me crying when nothing has happened in my personal life that would make me cry. But because of my crying, she became interested why I cry most of the time. ?:-) The reasons? FACEBOOK and YOUTUBE!! Every time some of my friends share a video or an article that can move something in me, I cry! I can’t help it but I am too emotional especially when it comes to children, babies, marriages and others. 😥 Anyway, my mom said that I…

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    Gadget Wants

    As a mommy blogger, I can’t help it but have wants that are related to my chosen home earning career. If the funding is right, I want a digital camera (preferably Nikon D5000) and a notebook computer (of course aside from my desktop PC). As I mention in my earlier post, I want a digital camera because I want to make it a hoppy to take the best pictures of my family and also to take the best shots that I will feature as images to my post. I want a netbook or a laptop so that I can easily travel anywhere I want without worrying where I would access…

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    Mommy Moments: A Message of Love

    My daughter is not much of a surprise giver but yesterday she tried her best to astonish me. She gave me a Valentine’s Day card!! Well, not only me but also her dad and her grandma. The card says, “Dear Mom, Thank you for caring and loving us. We love you very much. Happy VALENTINES! I love you very much. Love, Micah.” Ang sweet noh?! I said she “tried” because I already knew that her teacher will be asking them to make Valentine’s Day cards since I was the one who bought the materials she needed. Anyway, though I already knew, I am really happy about it. I already have…

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    Mommy Moments: Something New

    My last Mommy Moments entry was dated November 20, 2009. I got very busy with life as usual. Anyways and anyhows, this is my 8th entry and I hope I will be able to play at least twice a month. I am so darn forgetful! I have several something new… 57 total views, 3 views today Hits: 534