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    Maricel on Dneero Conversation

    Finally, July 18, 2008 has passed. No earthquake and no one died! Thank God nothing bad happened to our beautiful country the Philippines!! Sound so patriotic right, heheheā€¦cause I am.Anyway, my friend Maricel of Momhood Moments got featured in the Dneero conversation that I recently took. It was nice to see her name, a Filipina Mommy Blogger, on an international company. Another, proud moment for the Filipino Blogging Community!! Kudos Philippines!! Earn more money from your blog, join DNEERO today! 51 total views, 3 views today Hits: 191

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    MOMEMO – not yet ready

    I tried monetizing MOMEMO by submitting it to one of the most reliable blog advertising company that I ever made blog opps with. But unfortunately, they have replied personally that MOMEMO is not yet that old. They will try to reconsider her again maybe after two months. Well, I guess my old blog with a new domain is not yet ready. She might be four months old but I had lesser posts their because it was once my promo blog for my contests before (and still she will be). Maybe next time, she will have her time. I am sure she will be a great help to me and others…