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    Personalized Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for a Memorable Mother’s Day Celebration

    Mothers are the symbol of sacrifice, unconditional love, and forgiveness that have employed their whole life for the welfare of her family members. The dedication and devotion of a mother are simply worth the praise and it needs to be properly acknowledged by all the family members. It is important to offer a variety of Mother’s Day personalized gifts to your “one and only mother” for making the day a memorable occasion. Here are the few suggestions in this regard. Offer her some rest with a soft and comforting cushion – She works from dawn to dusk to fulfill all her family and wedding responsibilities. Of course, she would not…

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    A Jolly Mother’s Day

    I wrote about Mother’s Day and the things that our moms do that are somehow embarrassing yet endearing the other day. And now, I found a cute video from Jollibee that I, or probably we, can totally relate to. The video uses our National Language here in the Philippines, but even if you don’t understand it, I am sure that at the end of the video, you will. To all my fellow moms out there, may you have a JOLLY MOTHER’S DAY! 144 total views, 3 views today Hits: 225

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    Mommy Moments: Embarrassing Before Yet I Do It Today

    While I was growing up, I had a fair share of embarrassing moments with my mom. Well, before I find it embarrassing but today, as I have become a mom myself, I find myself doing them and I consider them endearing moments. Here is a list of some embarrassing memories with my mom yet I find myself doing today: 1. When my mom gave me kisses when I was already in my pre-teens in front of my friends or other people. She did not just do this once but most of the time even before I entered college. Before, I really find it embarrassing but when I became a mom…

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    Mothers Day is Just Around the Corner

    In less than two months, more than half the world will be celebrating Mothers Day. In fact, it will be celebrated in exactly 54 days, 2 hours and 6 minutes as I am writing this. With roughly that many days until Mothers Day I’m quite sure that you’re already looking for the perfect gift for your mothers. It’s only but right to give our mothers the best gift possible to show our appreciation for everything they have done for us. They brought us into this world, took care of us, nurtured us as we grew and developed, provided for us and even until now that we may be mothers ourselves,…