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    Gearing Up for a New Baby

    Not me but my friend. LOL! She wants to have another baby. This will be their second. Now she is preparing herself physically, mentally, as well as financially for the new baby. She is not yet pregnant but she has been taking good quality vitamins for several months already. And since she will be done with the previous brand that she had, she will soon be starting with prenatal vitamins. She prefers a certain brand that claims to have only the best organic ingredients. I think that is a good thing. I mean, pregnancy has its demands on an expectant mom. She has to prepare herself so that the health…

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    Hard Up Times during Pregnancy

    When I was pregnant with Bella Grace, we had a financially difficult year. There were times that I wasn’t able to visit my OB doctor or even take prenatal vitamins. It was very difficult that there were times that we only ate rice two times a day (lunch and dinner). When breakfast comes, we only eat bread and drink milk. Anyway, when Bella was delivered into this world, I was very thankful to God that she turned out to be healthy and normal. She was 3.5 kilos when I gave birth to her and has the healthiest cry as far as the doctor said. Hooray for Bella!