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    Avoiding Premature Aging

    I was preparing to go out earlier today for the Earth Hour observance of a nearby mall so I sat right in front of my dresser. I was trying to decide whether or not I should apply a dash of make-up or just go to the venue bare-faced. The verdict? I went out with a dab of make-up. I did so because I noticed tiny crow’s feet around my eyes and I wanted to conceal them. I think I need to start using anti-wrinkles now to prevent the crow’s feet from worsening. Maybe I should try skincell vial #29-A. They say that it’s the most effective wrinkle cream in the…

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    Hoping for Ring Gifts

    I was planning to buy ring gifts for mom and my sisters this Christmas but due to lack of funds, I decided to give them something else. But still my plan of giving them ring gifts will continue, maybe not now but probably next year during their birthdays since all of them will celebrate it next summer. Anyway, I was able to prepare them gifts this Christmas. Maybe not as astonishing as ring gifts but they are enough to make them smile. But I hope to make them smile even more next year. I want to save more so that I could afford it. 😀