• Health

    Addressing the Problem of Substance Abuse

    There used to be a time when the only thing parents worried about was when their teenage children constantly whined about a skin breakout or when their crushes ignored them. Now though, parents are facing a problem of immense proportions. The rising problem of substance abuse has somehow managed to corrupt teens and the growing number of teen drug rehab admissions is quite alarming. Fortunately, governments all over the world are trying their best to solve the problem in any way they can. They know that the young ones stand to be the hope of nations that’s why they have to be saved from substance abuse while there’s still time.…

  • Musings

    Lady Gaga, Poker Face and Other Facial Expressions

    Before I heard Lady Gaga’s song “Poker Face,” I honestly had no idea what it was. At first I thought it was something that was related to poker bonus or playing the game, but then I realized it was actually about the facial expression when one is playing games like the ones on pokerstars promotions. From what I know now, a “poker face” is actually a face that does not show any possible interpretable expression which most poker players have already mastered. All the while I thought it was just being fierce. I guess, however, when it relates to Lady Gaga, it does mean being fierce or basically unreadable. I…

  • Survey

    Been Awhile Since I Visited Dneero

    Yes, it’s true! It’s been awhile since I have visited Dneero and joined a conversation. Now they sent me an email and I was shocked to find out that they have redesigned their site. By the way, join Dneero today and earn money from your conversations! Hits: 938 229Shares229