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    Choosing Your Webhost

    Today, more people are easier found online. Often, long lost friends and relatives will pop in your Facebook or email and you would update each other what has become of you both. The same way people are found, businesses are also easily located online. “Google it” is already sysnonymous to “search it.” Even if what people are trying to find is something just around their vicinity, the habit of going online and trying to let the mouse do the walking is as common now as eating. If you own a business, would you not want to tap on that market opportunity? Your business might not be servicing the world but…

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    Simple Pointers to Keep in Mind Before Buying a Web Hosting Service

    I have been in the business of providing blog hosting services for two years now and so far, I am quite satisfied with all my clients. I only have a few thorns and most of them are roses. Thank God! Anyway, when I was still a newbie in self hosting my own blogs, finding a perfect web hosting business was hard. I ended up with web hosting providers that don’t know what customer services is all about. They only recognize your Paypal Account and that just it. Sad! 45 total views, no views today Hits: 178

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    Thoughts on Web Hosting

    With all the blogs that I maintain, it only becomes natural that I become acquainted with web hosting services and the powers that these services allows organizations and individuals. As a sole owner of a website, it is important to know about these things because these days everything is pretty much accessible on the world Wide Web. There are various web hosts that can be found on the web, such as SAHM Hosting, Arvixe Review and my own host – Mom’s Hosting. You do need to read the fine print though and check opt ins because you may end up paying up for a whole year instead of some nice…

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    Random Web Hosting Thoughts

    Sometimes this business of having a web hosting company can be exhausting. But it has also taught me a lot, like how things differ from having your own server, or if you have PCI hosting among your services. There are also details that you need to know such as knowing how to find a possible PCI compliant service and what type of service is best for an eCommerce site. These are just a few things that I learned on top of the basics that involve reselling hosting services, or basic services, the details included in supposed unlimited bandwidth – or the fantasy of this feature. I also learned how to…