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Just Got Back from Taking JLPT

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As of the moment of writing, I am nursing a headache and I am very sleepy. My mind and body are totally exhausted after taking JLPT (Japanese-Language Proficiency Test). I took the N5 level which is the beginner level to be exact.

Attended a language school earlier this year but because of my time constraints and budget (I currently live far from the city proper), I had to stop. I took the exam even though I wasn’t able to finish my studies because I already registered and paid for it. There were times I tried doing self-study but my time and my mind weren’t in the right place. I have personal issues that I had to deal with and two jobs to juggle. It was not really easy for me.

Before Exam Time

I went there at 10:00 AM because I was informed that the exam will start at 11:25 AM. When I got there, the actual exam will start at 1:00 PM. We are only allowed to get inside at 12:15 NN. So, instead of waiting at the school, we went out and ate lunch because we were told the exam will last for 3 hours.

After lunch, we waited for a few bits more before we were allowed inside the classroom. Then we were instructed with the do’s and don’ts to which most of them I am familiar with because I took the teacher’s board exam a few years ago. Most of the instructions were the same.

During the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test

Then we took the exam at exactly 1:00 PM. For me, taking JLPT that moment was slow and hard for me. I couldn’t recognize some of the characters anymore. I haven’t been able to prepare myself fully. All I could do is pray… pray that I get over the day without being so downcast. After a few hours, we were finished and I was famished! It seemed like the exam took away my strength.

After Taking JLPT N5

After taking the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test, all I can say is that I am not confident about the results of my exams but I can accept whatever the result is. Pass or not, I am still planning to continuously learn the Japanese language. I will tell you in the future why I wanted to learn the Japanese language in particular. But for now, the only thing I can say is that I am determined to learn another language before I hit the age of 60. I am turning 40 soon, so I guess I am still at the mark.

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