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Ask and it shall be given. Seek and you shall find.” This is one of the famous verses that depict God’s faithful promises. And I did received what I asked for! I didn’t ask to win any contest but I asked for a financial blessing that would allow my baby boy be enrolled in school. And God was faithful, it was given to me. I won again at GotPinoy.com’s forum contest worth Php 5,000.00 in cold cash!!!

Thank you Lord for my answered prayers!!

Yes, the admin of GotPinoy.com sent the money through XOOM.COM and I was able to claim it at Banco de Oro yesterday!! I am really glad that GotPinoy.com has this contest. It’s such a blessing for me. On Monday, I will enroll my baby boy and I have bought contribution for the house here. Everyone is happy!!

So here is the latest contest. Please read the mechanics:

“Whoever has the most post in our forum for each month, will WIN a Gift Certificate from GotPinoy.com. All POST COUNTS!!! From net topic or simply a reply to a post. What else can you WIN at GotPinoy.com – of course FRIENDSHIP. At GotPinoy.com, you will meet more friends and find new partners. START POSTING BECAUSE GOTPINOY WILL START COUNTING. YOU BET!!! CAN YOU WIN AGAIN? YES…. WE SAID “WHOEVER HAS THE MOST POST IN OUR CURRENT MONTH WIN. Previous post for the month will not be counted, so each month everyone is set to ZERO.”

So, join GotPinoy.com Forum now and get a chance to win gift certificates!! All Filipinos are welcome (local and abroad). CLICK HERE TO JOIN.

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