Techno Finds: Web Callback


I guess you all know that I am a great technology lover. I love advancements and admire them. Recently, I have discovered a new site that sells web callback services. Web Callback is a new web technology that allows website owners to place a box in their website for visitors or customers can type-in their telephone numbers to request a callback from the owner. The owner will then receive a text message informing him or her of the visitor or customer’s request for a callback. This service is ideal for business related websites. It can give business owners an edge on customer service.
ProCallback by Mercia Networks is one of its kinds that I have seen. They offer worldwide coverage on their services. It is easy to install script and can be customize to fit the website’s color theme. Mercia Networks has also been in the business of providing reliable business solutions since 2001. Their proven track record will assure great service, not to mention their server infrastructure to service worldwide clientele.

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