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Technorati Monster

Does technorati experiencing an escaped monster again? I have noticed that my authority is dropping steadily and so as some of my friends’ blogs. If I do ping them, I will experience a slight increase then within few hours it will drop again.

Well, most of my other blogs are increasing but those that have higher authorities already are experiencing a steady down drop. I really wondered why this is happening. Some said it’s because there are millions of blogs registered at technorati and the system is having a hard time adjusting with their present numbers plus those that are added in every few minutes to their system.
By the way, are you experiencing the same thing right now??


2 thoughts on “Technorati Monster

  1. Well at least you have “authority” I dont have any at all. I am forever cast away to sit at the kids table at the Technorati Thanksgiving dinners.

  2. Hello les! Thanks for the visit. Well that is true, I am also thankful because at least I have some left.

    By the way, you can join us at Techno Christmas 2008. You can increase your technorati authority by joining the fun. ^_^

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