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I wasn’t able to do some posts lately since I was busy doing another template editing (again…hehehe) here at Pinay Mommy. A friend told me that there was (again) a problem with my template, so I have no choice but redo it again. Aside from that, I made a blog template design for somebody else. Unfortunately, he wanted the credit link back to be taken off. 🙁 Anyway, even though I don’t have a link back from his site, I just so happy that I was able to make something for others. Anyway, I am just here tweaking until I drop dead! LOL…I hope you enjoy the view…hehehe…

The original image of Legolas Greenleaf is courtesy of Orlando Bloom Media. I just edited it to make the header.

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Pinay Jade April 22, 2008 - 10:42 pm

Wow Ruby,
You are now doing templates for others too! You are really amazing.


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