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School is there already. The students go at school everyday and learn from their teachers and professors. It is very important not only for the students but also to the professors to have their text book because it is where they based the teachings for the whole semester or school year.  We buy our books at the publisher’s place or at bookstores. It is a hassle for the students to go directly to the publisher’s place, also some publishers are located on a certain country only and just exporting their products, in that situation obviously we cannot go to the publisher’s place to buy the certain book we need so we go to book shops yet not all books are available on the book stores near our place. Like now, there is a certain book I need to buy because we will be using it the whole year according to my professor. I already looked at some stores near my location but then I didn’t find what I need. So I search through the internet on where can I buy it. I stumbled upon this site wherein you can buy cheap text books. And yes! I found there the book I’m looking for and it’s very in cheap price! The site is very helpful. You cannot only buy cheap text books there, also you can sell books that you used before and maybe no planning using it anymore. Isn’t that great!?

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