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Thank God, Big Girl is OK!

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I want to say thank you to all my blogger friends who stopped by and asked about how my big girl is doing. Thank you very much for your concern. My big girl is now OK. She went to school today and now she is already playing with her brother.
My husband and I just thought she had a very strenuous playing at school yesterday that might caused her knee pains. She has this episode every time she gets involved with physically straining activities. You know children, they don’t stop until they drop when they are playing with their classmates.

I am glad she is OK now but I am still observing her moves and the next few days. I have read a lot about juvenile rheumatism. Children can get affected by rheumatism also but sometimes it’s not well-noticed just like us adults. Juvenile rheumatism takes a lot of test in a span of several months just to get the results if positive or not. I hope she doesn’t have one.

I don’t want to see my big girl into pain again. As much as I am around, I want to take good care of her and her baby brother. They are the greatest gift God has given to me!

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