Thank God for EntreCard


I am really grateful about EntreCard’s concept of dropping your online business card to other people’s blog. I find it very convenient. Just like in the real world, when you give your business card to someone, it’s like signifying that you wanted to meet the person again in the near future. It’s opening your doors for more personal relationship with those whom you gave your card. So as with EntreCard, when somebody drops a card at my blog, I see it as a person who wanted to make friends with me or even do business with me. That is why when I go to a person’s blog, I read before I drop. It’s a personal thing for me. I like the concept very much.
One of the great people using EntreCard is my online friend Nelle. Just like me, she is a casual and relaxed dropper. She reads the blog before she drops. She is more aware of the friendship that will develop later than the advertising credits she will get. That’s Nelle of Lucid Creativity. Stop by here and you will be amused with the realities of her blog.

Another one is EntreCard Widget Surf. I like bloggers who are generous. When they know they have the ability to give, they don’t hesitate in doing so. They have two great contests there. The second of which is the contest I joined with this post. Why? Because they are applying the concept of “Paying Forward.” I like bloggers who are unselfish and a real giver. Take a visit at their blog and I am sure you will enjoy.

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  • Bruce

    I have found that most of the hits you get from these link exchanges are more detromental then helpful. People click to your site just to get credit and never read your site. If you use a site meter and look at your stats, most of the hits are 00:00 of time and one page views. This lowers your google bounce rate.

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