Thank You so Much!!

August is just one of those months that our family has experienced tremendous testing of faith, from my children getting sick almost every week to our bumpy marriage and finally, the operation of our Baby Bella. All was stressful, tiring and emotionally draining, but thanks to God, our family survived a remarkable battle! We won it by God’s grace!

Anyway, speaking of Baby Bella’s successful operation, our family would like to… continue reading here.

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  • Mylene

    I am happy to know that the operation was successful. Truly God is good all the time. Just remember that God won’t any trial beyond our capacity to bear. Before He allowed us to go through a trial, He has already prepared a way out.


  • Margot (Pinay Mom)

    Truly, God is so powerful to solve any problems. Thanks be to God for helping your family during the lowest time of your life.

  • bonz

    It’s good to know the operation went well, and thank GOD for that… He is really good!

    Get well soon, little Bella… such a brave girl! 🙂

  • housemom77

    hello there mommy rubz just got back blogging…thanks everything is alright now, I believed that God won’t gave us trials that we cannot passed and overcome for He knows everything that is best whether we find it good or bad it is always for a reason…trials make us stronger and a better person.

    You have a brave little girl she’s a treasure! I’m just happy for you…God Bless! :yes:

  • marikoy

    Nice. buti naman at napaaga yung operation sa kanya. How is she now? Hope she’s having a good recovery. 😀 I’m happy to know the operation was a success.

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