Thanks You Peeps!!


Every time I login to my blogger account, there are two figures that always put a smile on my face – the number of comments to be moderated and the increase of blog followers.Just earlier this week, I have posted about my latest followers and after a few days I have new ones. And guess what! It really makes me happy. Thank you very much guys. Muah!!

So now, to show my appreciation, may recognize my latest blog followers with a thankful heart!

Fatima of Mother Goose
Jen of Kikay’s Corner
Timi of Crimson Heavens
Nancy of Peaceful Mind
Lani of Sweet November
Mommy Phebie of Love’s Haven
Private Business of Private Business
Again, for those who haven’t followed my blog, you can always do so by clicking the link at my sidebar. Once you follow me, I will follow you back too and of course give you a sweet linky love post. Thanks in advance!!

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