The Art of Color Coordination


Coordinating the color of one’s clothing is a fun thing that a person can do to brighten up his or her day. However, some rules exist to color coordination. The consumer will need to learn the art of coordination before trying to put together an outfit. The following are some tips for making a head turning coordinated outfit:

Match Shoes With Shirts

Matching one’s shoes with his or her shirt is a great way to start developing a coordinated outfit. The shoes could be multicolored or solid colored, but the shirt should be a solid color. For example, the person may buy a pair of Saucony sneakers that have a mixture of colors such as pink, black and teal. The shirt that the person buys to create the outfit can match any of the colors in the sneakers. The pants will need to be a color that can blend with any scheme. Black, white, khaki and any of the denim colors will work.

Use Different Shades

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they try to coordinate their wardrobes is trying to wear the same color all the way around. For example, they will wear dark blue shoes, socks, pants, shirt and belt. The key to creating a visually pleasing color coordinated outfit is to use different shades. For example, a light blue shirt would look beautiful with a pair of dark blue jeans and sneakers that are primarily dark blue or black with a tinge of light blue. Finding the right shade combination takes some tinkering and experimentation, but such is fun.

Add Accessories

Accessories are amazing additives that can put the final layer of attractiveness on an outfit. They can make an ordinary outfit jump out at the people in the vicinity. Examples of some common accessories that can put the icing on the cake of a coordinated outfit are necklaces and earrings. Hair barrettes and headbands can add flair to a coordinated outfit, as well. Baseball caps, visors and other hats are popular items that people use to add personality to their outfits. One can find these items at any participating department store, outlet store or online auction site.

Color coordinating a wardrobe can provide tons of fun to a fashion-conscious person. The entire process can boost a person’s mood significantly and add some elements of self-confidence and esteem.

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  • Miranda (Myrabev)

    This article about colour coordination is so interesting, i love how you’ve broken down sections, to help and advise about colour.
    this article is very well researched and helpful. ive found myself agreeing line after line especially the part where you wrote about how an outfit can “boost a persons mood and add confidence and esteem” overall great article.

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