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The Best Cream to Try First

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I surfed the net for wrinkle cream reviews and my search turned out a whole lot! There must be thousands of reviews and testimonials online about different products or ingredients and their brands. And some are updated every year.

So I checked out a site that included its list of 2010 reviews. I saw their list and only two products stood out to me—Obaji and Olay Regenerist. I actually do not know or have not heard of the other products. I think that the only brand that is affordable for me is Olay Regenerist. I mean for one who lives in the Philippines and with three kids to raise up, this is probably the cheapest and I am not sure if I can maintain it. As for Obaji, I was told by a friend that it comes in a set of products to use. It is like having an anti-ageing beauty regimen but it is very expensive. Sigh…maybe I will do try Olay Regenerist.

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Auto Transport September 23, 2010 - 10:38 pm

Obaji is insanely expensive. My mom uses it and she brought it along with her on a beach trip once. A friend of hers asked her if she could borrow some cream and thinking that it was just regular sunscreen, she slathered Obaji all over her body. Needless to say, my mom was incensed!


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