The Birthday that Was

Yesterday was my birthday and for some people, I am officially considered out of the calendar age because I am already 32 years old. Well, I felt physically old but I still think I am young at heart and forever will be. :p

Anyway, this is how my birthday went…

Early morning, my daughter Micah and my son David woke me up and greeted me a happy birthday. Then when I said thank you, my daughter handed me this fashion bracelet. The cost was 28 pesos only but mind you… my daughter put an effort in getting it. She asked her grandma to help her buy the bracelet. She planned it since July stepped in.

A few hours later, I received a package. I thought it was one of my winnings from the online contests I joined but I was wrong. It was a lovely gift from Mommy Ria. She always surprise me in special occasions. Thank you Mommy! The bag and the postcard are all lovely!!

When afternoon came, my husband and my son went out. They said they were going to buy me a birthday gift. When they came back, my son handed me this mug. My husband said that it was my son’s idea to give me a mug because he knew I was a big time coffee lover.

Aside from that, they also bought DVDs and some DIY carpets. Husband said that since I love watching movies, spending my day watching wouldn’t be bad at all and the carpets will make our room nicer though it only occupied less than 10% of our room. LOL!!!

When dinner came, I bought lechon manok and pork liempo from the Paypal gifts sent to me. We all ate together with my parents, my siblings, my niece, my husband and my kids. We were not all complete but it was as good as it can get. We were all smiling and happy. Thanks to my Paypal gift givers!! As promised, no mentioning of names. πŸ˜€

Then after dinner, me and my hubby went out to buy my favorite cake at Red Ribbon – Ube Cake, a half-galloon ice cream and another batch of DVDs (addict). Still all were gifts given through Paypal. Muah!

When we arrived home, the children were so happy. As you can see, birthday is not a birthday with kids if the cake is missing. So, that is when they sang with all their might!!

As the night ended, my husband and I watched a movie together with our youngest daughter (because the older ones were already asleep with my parents because of early school). Then after the movie, we slept early.

My birthday was not that bongaciously awesome. It was simple but full of the things I need. I am so thankful for many things!

Thank God for the wonderful years that I was blessed and for the many years to come. Thank God for my family and friends. Thank you to all my FB friends who greeted me especially mommies from PMC. I got almost a hundred in one a account. Thank you to all!! God bless your kindness!!!

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