The Call

Just the other day, I received a call through my cell phone. I took the call because I thought it was from somebody I knew. Unfortunately it came from a telemarketer offering me a hospital insurance plan. Though I was planning to get one anyway, I don’t like people shoving it to me. But since I don’t want to be rude, I let her finish her sales pitch and afterward I declined her offer.In the US, they don’t answer an unknown number that easily because they fear that it would be another annoying telemarketer that will waste their time. But they are lucky because they have a way of knowing who is calling them by using the National Phone Search. Just by typing the number, they can do a reverse phone lookup and be able to know if the call is really meant for them or just another long sales pitch because the results will display the exact address and who owns the number. So the next time the number calls again, they may now have the confidence to turn down or answer it!

Lucky them, I really hope they can extend their service here at our place!

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