The Day That Was


Today is quite a productive day for me and hubby. I have accomplished several tasks while he together with a friend finished adjusting and installing our children’s bunk bed inside our bedroom. Afterward, we had another session with our church pastor and have a topical study about the Bible.

Then, after all these, finally I have bought my husband’s desired “weights” as an advance father’s day gift for him. He was really happy about it and I can surely tell that he is excited to use it as he has already setup a tiny space outside our bedroom to be his personal home gym.

Since, most of us have felt very accomplished for the day; we have decided to eat at the mall and watch a movie. We ate at Kentucky’s Fried Chicken and ordered a bucket meal. Then later went and watched Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian. We all had a great time!

When we arrived home, we gave Sprikanights (our dog) her share of happiness. We gave her smidgets from Mister Donuts that have fallen-off from the box (a long story). Then I prepared my children’s bunk beds so that they can spend their first night sleeping in each of their bunks. While my hubby seemed to be so inspired, he cleaned the air-conditioning unit and installed it beautifully back to its place.

Now the day is off to close itself to history, I am thankful that God made these things to possibly happen. So far, He is faithfully making rainbows for me after the rain.

Well, that is how my Saturday was. How about you? Did you enjoy yours too?

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