The Distinct Beauty of Millefiori Jewelry



Italy is one European country that holds much tradition and has a very rich culture. Their rich culture extends even up to the products that are clearly identified with the country. Take the case of a millefiori for instance. It is a type of a glasswork technique that’s rightfully Italian which produces distinctive decorative patterns on glassware. Most of the patterns are that of flowers. So when you see a pendant or a bracelet charm that’s made of glass and has a floral pattern, chances are you’re looking at a millefiori.

What makes millefiori jewelry stand out among the rest is that the pendants are handmade. That means everything you see on it, the flowery patterns, the colors and even the design are all crafted by hands. You can just imagine the effort put forth in creating just a single piece of pendant. The painstaking hours spent to produce such lovely pieces only go to show how rich in quality the pendant is and also expertly crafted it is. But they are not too expensive hence they are really worth buying.

If you happen to love collecting jewelry and you want to add some unique pieces to your collection, why not add some murano millefiori pendants to it? People will instantly know that you’re wearing a millefiori once they see the distinct patterns, the vibrant colors and also the unique appeal of colored glass. There are several online stores selling millefiori beads, pendants, and so much more so there definitely is a lot to choose from.

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