The Driver’s License Now and Beyond


Of all the identification cards that a person could carry, the driver’s license is one of the most valid. It can’t be given to just anyone. It contains personal information that can be assured accurate and true. That’s why there have been several suggestions that it’s about time for the current driver’s licenses to have some additional features.

Some of the government issued identification cards these days like SSS, GSIS, PhilHealth and PAGIBIG are already in UMID (Unified Multi-purpose ID) form where it can be used as a discount card, debit card or ATM cards to that can be utilized to purchase goods, avail of services and facilitate payment of utilities.

A driver’s license can never be mixed with other identification cards. It has its own purpose and standards. Being one of the most important identification cards, it’s about time for it to embrace additional features what can a Canadian people do with theirs. Their driver’s license are at the same time can be utilized as their passport when they enter the US territories by land or water.

Our current driver’s license should be bearing an ISO-certified quality in terms of thickness, peel strength and bending stiffness. The new card can also include high text printing quality and sharp facial images of the licensee for better identification.

Now, the big question is: Are we ready for a driver’s license card that offers more?

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  • Rovie

    I don’t think we are. That is why it is called DRIVER’S LICENSE to serve its purpose. Adding more features on the existing driver’s license might just complicate things.

    Anyway, the gov’t. can create other ID’s for different purposes.

  • emzkie

    wow! i dont think they should add more features on drivers license. thats why its called drivers license, its a license for you to drive, not to go shopping, or get good deals. lol! Here in US, drivers license is also serve as an identification card like what you said, but thats it. if they will add more features to it, they might ask for more additional fees for that. ma mahal na mukuha ug drivers license. hehe

  • Gmags

    I think this is the same idea as the unified citizen idea they proposed years back. That proposal was widely criticized and thereby shelved. So now they might course it through an all in one driver’s license instead.

    We’re definitely ready for higher quality licenses but I’m not sure we’re ready for an all in one. Whatever the objections there were for the unified citizen ID applies to this one too.

  • joy

    I agree with Rovie. Furthermore a driver’s license can serve as an international identification card too, better that it serve that sole purpose for the meantime.

  • Eihdra

    I have one but hasn’t renewed it for around 2 years, lol.. It’s about time to get it renewed coz I’ve been hearing a lot about these new features..

  • ruby benz

    agree! IDL can be a valid ID anywhere…happy to get one from PI..sad to say, i spent over 3thousand euros for my DL in germany..happy to have a freedom to go anywhere…visiting Ngay!

  • Jheylo

    obtaining a divers license is a privileged, not everyone has one and if you do, like me, we have to abide the law otherwise that privileged will be taken away from us. I’ve only been driving for over a year and it’s fun. However, I’ve realized that there are crazy drivers out there who were trying to out run our speed. though we are very careful in driving, but others weren’t. It’s a risky thing.

  • Jessica Cassidy

    here in America, there are driver license that can be use as a passport 🙂 I have not apply the new driver license yet but hoping that next year when my driver license, will try this new system 🙂

  • Istin

    nah, I guess driver;s license might be abused if it will have lots of offers.
    but it will depend on the drivers themselves on how they will use it.

  • zoan

    I don’t know if we are really ready. Our driver’s license can easily be imitated, there are so many fake driver’s licenses that we can buy in some streets, that is why I am scared if our driver’s license will have another feature.

  • Sam

    I guess it will be more useful if the driver’s license is multipurpose… We won’t be carrying a lot of IDs if the driver’s license can be used as a debit card, ATM, and the likes.

  • Donna Jane Marcuap

    I wanna have my DRIVER’s Licence though I don’t own a vehicle 🙂 haha. I just love to have one but I’m afraid I cannot drive.

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