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The Fruits of My Labor

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The last month has been one of the most challenging phases of my life and one of the most rewarding, too. I have finally given up my WAHM existence and went on to be a full-time working mom just so I can secure my kids future. Raising three children on my own is no walk in the park and landing myself a regular office job, with travelling to different parts of the country, is really quite heaven sent. It was tiring indeed, but now I know that I can sleep well at night knowing that I can provide all of my children’s wants and needs.

I have been working hard since I got this job and apart from making sure I got my children’s concerns taken care of, I also plan to make sure that I reward myself time and again for all the hard work I have put in. I had a very stress-free weekend checking in a local hotel with my children where we can simply bond and go for a swim. Now am thinking of spending a few hard-earned money and shop for clothes and other stuff that I know I will not only enjoy but are also essential in my job. And since I will be doing a lot of travel related to work, too, I am eyeing one of these north face backpacks on sale. I just hope they have one in my favorite color.

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