The Grendha Woman in Me

During my childhood years, I dreamt of becoming a fashion model but eventually I ended up as a stay at home blogger! Anyway, there is nothing wrong about it except the fact that I only have my pajamas as my working clothes. Gone were the times where I go to work wearing stylish and fashionable clothes and wearing make-up too. But of course, I decided not to stop and eventually continue being fashionable at my own pace and time. I do dress-up (at home, wherelse)!!

Speaking of dressing up, I just did a while ago with the help of my new pair of sandals from Grendha Philippines!! They sent me this fashionably cute golden brown sandal!! Isn’t it lovely?!!

To be honest, this is my first pair of Grendha Jelly Sandals and I think this will not be the last of it. I like how the sandal feels on my feet. They are soft and light. You can easily move – a perfect sandal for a mom who wants to wear and go without sacrificing fashion and comfort!

As of now, I am already checking out my second (… third … forth) pair at their Facebook Fan Page!!! I can’t make up my mind with all the beautiful designs they have. Waaaahhh!!

By the way, Grendha does not only cater fashionable women but also kids and babies. They have lots of designs and colors to choose from. So I suggest you get a pair of Grendha Sandals and Shoes and see the difference! They are available in different SM Malls and stores nationwide. To know more of their latest designs, like their Fan Page, Grendha Philippines at Facebook, or visit their website at!

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75 thoughts on “The Grendha Woman in Me

  1. i am not aware of the brand but after checking their fb page, i began to like their shoe styles and color, so immediately check on their nearest sm outlet, happy that they have a store in the sm near us, be saving to be able to buy my choice hihi

  2. First time to hear this brand….just checked their fb page and you’re right, their designs are beautiful. I fancy sandals more than any other girly stuff so this one is really for me. Will definitely look for them when we go to the mall the next time πŸ˜‰

  3. Mommy Rubs, you look so alluring in your photo and the Grendha sandals look good on you. Will check out their collection too. πŸ™‚

  4. Just like my aunt’s gift a grendha slipper πŸ™‚ and just by trying the slippers, it’s really good and in high quality ! :)they have such good and unique designs <3

  5. ever since I got a full time home based job, I was always in my PJs or my “pambahay” look. but from time to time, I play with my makeup and whenever we go out that’s the time I transform into a “fashionista” mom..

    never heard of that brand but they look comfy to wear!

  6. The shoes are very cute! I giggled at the part where you said you still dress up at home, just for yourself and the sake of fashion. It made me think of my weekend; I went to visit a friend and her newborn baby, and for me it was very weird that the mom and dad, who had invited us a week before, hosted us wearing pyjamas basically. They didn’t even bother to change clothes from their stay-at-home-parents style. I found it a bit rude, but also I think I understand them. It’s their first born, they must be exhausted. However, I think it is important not to let ourselves go because it is hard to get back to normal again.

  7. Awesome pair of sandals! πŸ™‚ I love the color! πŸ™‚

    I have seen Grendha in SM and I really do like their selection of flip flops, it’s not too casual and not too dressy. I am contemplating on getting a pair too, but I’m going to wait until the kids’ birthdays end so I can spend some money without worrying.. πŸ˜› hehe

  8. I have grendha flats and thongs they are all comfortable to wear even when its wet and it last long…Expensive yes but worth it try to get one when they are on sale..

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