The Healing Faith

Christians believe that ultimate healing comes from God. After all, one of God’s names is Jehovah Rope or “The Lord Heals.” But there are those who believe that a miraculous medal pendant is all they need for healing and also for protection.

I cannot say that I believe them nor do I discount their faith. I guess that is just not for me. I would rather go directly to God and pray for healing. Sometimes the healing does not immediately come, but God’s grace has enabled me to endure whatever life has put on my plate. So I can only praise Him alone for all His works in my life.

9 thoughts on “The Healing Faith

  1. korek mommy! minsan depende talaga sa tao…that’s faith nga ika nila..

    same to you i rather directly pray to GOD when I wish something..

  2. Honestly, when i’m facing problems, I just lift them to God and all of them will vanish or I can easily face them without worries and stress.

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