The House is Almost a Home


I am so happy and relieved because the renovations in the house in CDO went on smoothly with minimal hitches along the way. I was right in assigning my father to preside over the work being done there. If my dad didn’t oversee the renovations, I probably would have spent double or maybe even triple of the amount I actually spent.

Imagine, the work on the house was done successfully even if we didn’t have any big equipment which is usually used for constructions like engine driven pumps for instance. There are still a few finishing touches that need to be worked on and maybe some of them will be completed even after we’ve gone back to the house.

At any rate, I am just thankful that everything went according to plan. My family and I will be going home to CDO, to a house that we will be turning into a home. I’m sure my kids will love living there.

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