The Importance of Vitamins C | Best Vitamin C Supplement for Children | Vitamin C is Essential to Growing Children

While we were in our elementary years, we are taught that Vitamin C is essential to the human body especially in growing children. We learned that according to several studies, Vitamin C is proven to do the following:

– Helps in wound healing
– Helps in the development of bones and teeth
– Helps make hormones in the body that regulate nerve functions
– Helps the body resist infections
– Helps in the absorption of non-heme iron which is commonly found in eggs and in non-meat sources such as beans, vegetables and dried fruits
– Acts as an antioxidant to guard body cells and tissue from damage caused by free radicals.

And because of these known facts, Vitamin C is indeed very important! Not only in children, even in adults too!

Vitamin C can be found in many sources such as fruits and vegetables. As a matter of fact, most of us make an effort to have it on our daily diet. Most common sources are citrus fruits and melons. Aside from these fruits, most vegetables such as peppers, potatoes, tomatoes, broccoli, berries, cauliflower and squash are the number one sources of Vitamin C.

And because of these abundant sources, most of us think that our children don’t need to take any Vitamin C supplement. For me, that is so wrong. Because you see, though we can get it from many sources, we can’t be sure if our children are getting the required daily allowance especially that it is a known fact that Vitamin C can be easily lost as we process and cook food. Thus for me, a Vitamin C supplement is still needed but nonetheless, before giving any supplements or multivitamins to your kids, you should always talk to their pediatrician.

For my children, I give them Ceelin (Ascorbic Acid) as their Vitamin C supplement. I want to make sure that they are taking sufficient daily amount of their needed Vitamin C. Ceelin, which comes in drops for babies and syrup or chewables for big kids, has been my partner since I became mom. As for me, Ceelin is the best Vitamin C supplement for my children.  My two year old Bella loves the chewables while my son loves Ceelin Plus (Ascorbic Acid + Zinc) in Apple Flavor and my eldest loves the original orange flavor! By the way, if you like Ceelin, be a FAN like me on Facebook! Get updated with their latest promos! Click HERE.

So, how about you mommies and daddies, do you give Vitamin C supplements to your children? As an adult, do you still take Vitamins C too?? Share your thoughts!

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17 thoughts on “The Importance of Vitamins C | Best Vitamin C Supplement for Children | Vitamin C is Essential to Growing Children

  1. The doctor recommends Ceelin drops for my baby when he was only 3 months. Now, that he’s 7mos., still I gave him Ceelin. He likes the orange taste and I had no difficulties in giving him Ceelin.

  2. I give Ceelin to my 4-yr old boy, he loves it, for the baby, we still have not given him any supplements. but soon, when he starts to eat solid food. Vitamin C is indeed very important. when i feel that i’m getting colds, i immediately take vit C to combat it. liked their FB page.

  3. .Ceelin syrup Vitamin C supplement.Ascorbic acid is the active ingredient found in Ceelin syrup. Vitamin C is required for a strong natural defense system of the body and the lack of vitamin c results in your baby falling ill frequently.

  4. Very nice review, am actually want to try vitamins for my kids kasi they don’t eat that much, and they never had vitamins every since

  5. This is the only supplement my family and I take. I can’t even describe how much better it makes me feel, daily, and kicks colds right away. I have never taken ceelin, so do not know the comparison.

  6. I am really looking for this on your posts, about health. Vitamin C pala really give benefits in terms of children’s growth.

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