The Internet god Has Spoken

Yes, Mr.G has finally visited my blog.

After holding on to a Page Rank of 4 for almost five months, finally he had visited me and has taken two ranks out from me. And to be honest, I am both sad and OK. Sad because I will be missing a lot of opportunities that I haven’t rarely gotten for the past few months. OK, because I did not regret taking advantage of it for the benefit of my family’s needs.

Though this unhappy event happened to me, I am also thankful because Mr. G has left me with a Page Rank 2. I think I can bear having it than none at all (I am just being honest here).

Anyway, I have noticed this one already. I saw him giving Page Ranks last July 2008 but after a month he took it back or lessen it. It’s very sad but we have no choice, he is the god of the internet world.

How about you? Did your Page Rank change?

  1. Jade
  2. Lalaine
  3. mommy elvz
  4. genny
  5. Fatherlyours
  6. bonz
  7. Miah Laborte
  9. Lhurey
  10. twinks
  11. Pinay WAHM
  12. Lex
  13. Pearl
  14. Mommy Ruby
  15. Jeff
  16. Sheryl
  17. ptc-lists

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