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The Journey from Labor to Delivery


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In my post yesterday, I have posted Baby Bella’s First Pixies. Now, I have decided to share with you what happened last September 23, 2009 as I can remember it. There is a warning though especially for my male readers, I might say something you might find awkward but naturally normal in the life of a pregnant women giving birth to a new life here on earth.

It was nearing 12nn that my husband and I arrived at Bacolod Adventist Medical Center. Around pass 12nn, my husband started filling-up forms. Then when he was finished, he settled the PhilHealth form while I paid for our deposit. A few minutes later, the hospital assistant came to us and guided us to the labor room. Since it was located in the second floor, he asked if I wanted to ride a wheelchair. I replied looking at the staircase, “Kaya ko ito!” (I can do this!). My husband and the hospital assistant smiled.

When we reached the labor room, the hospital nurses told us that I should change into a hospital gown and leave my things with my husband. Since visitors were not allowed to stay in the labor room for more than 15 minutes, I spent my time alone inside while my husband goes in and out to check on me.

Around 1pm, I was already tied to a dextrose with synthetic oxytocin to induce me to labor. It was around 3pm that I was starting to feel an intolerable pain but still 6cm of dilated cervix, no bloody show nor bursting of water bag. Then around 4 to 5pm, the pain was more painful. I asked my mom, who already arrived from buying food and milk supplies, not to leave me because my husband was more scared than I am. Around 6pm, the doctor on duty checked me again and found out that I am still at 8cm but the pain was already making me push. So, she decided to manual break my water bag to hasten my labor.

After breaking my water bag, the pain got more intense than ever that I was almost pushing my head in my mom’s tummy and crying “Agay! Agay!” (Ouch! Ouch!) while hugging her. The doctor explained that it’s natural for the pain to intensify because it’s the baby’s head that is already making its way to the birth canal. And sure she was right; I was in severe pain already and wanted to push.

While in pain, since there was an interval, I was asking the doctor if there is a way to ease the pain. She said there are two ways, call an anesthesiologist to give me epidural and the other one is to sedate me. So, I asked her how much does an epidural cost. Then she replied it costs around 8 to 10 thousand pesos on top of my hospital bills. After saying that I smiled at her, then she asked what my smile means. Was it yes or what? Then I replied, never mind, it’s so expensive! Then I asked if I can be sedated, she said she will ask my OB first. Since my OB was very busy that day with too many patients giving birth and need operations, she was not able to reply.

Anyway, when it was nearing 7pm, the doctor on duty told me that I am already ready to be mounted! She said I am now ready to give birth and I need to be prepared in the delivery room. So, a few minutes later, I was already lying down at the delivery table with all the people roaming around preparing me and my baby’s arrival. Then a little later, my OB came in and said I can do it. She just asked me that in the height of the pain’s intensity I should push!

So, when I was ready, we started the journey to delivering Baby Bella to the world. I was appreciative of the nurses and the doctors because they were full of positive vibes while I was in pain. They were couching me and telling me how I was doing well. I was glad I have chosen to give birth at BAMC under the care of Dr. Cindy Tolentino (OB Gyne). In less than 10 pushes, Baby Bella was already out into the world!! Hoorah!!

And guess what, my doctor found out that I had a cyst near my cervix! Since she already saw it, she decided to get rid of it. The size of my cyst was as big as a Kit Kat Bites! She said it must be sent to the laboratory for biopsy. I just hope and pray that there is no bad news when the results will be out in two weeks. Thank God, Baby Bella was indeed a channel of blessing for us to discover that hiding cyst!

Anyway, the unique thing about my delivery with Baby Bella is that I was awake all the way from labor, delivery and repair! My previous two normal deliveries, I was sedated that is why I couldn’t remember much of the delivery pain and repair.

Oh well, I guess every child brought to this world gives every mom a different experience in life! I am glad I was able to experience them all thrice! Thank God! Praise Him forever more!

Again, I would like to thank those who prayed for my short and normal delivery of Baby Bella. Another thank you goes to those people who helped me build my Baby Stork Fund and those who gave baby clothes and toiletries! Thank you very much. May God bless your kindness!


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Chin chin@ Stay at Home Blessings September 29, 2009 - 7:55 pm

Congrats to your having a new baby girl. I can relate to the pains and joy of having given birth.

gengen September 29, 2009 - 9:05 pm

wow mommy congrats grabe nga detailed info about sa delivery I read all hahha. We all praise God for the kindness to all of us. She is cute heheh.

Mommy J September 29, 2009 - 10:07 pm

Great memory Mommy Ruby. This may sound dumb but ow did they see the cyst? Di ba normal ka? You weren’t under anesthesia? Or did they do an emergency surgery to take out the cyst? Hmmm…like I said, it may sound dumb but I really have no idea….hehe.

Glad you’re home safe and sound with the new bundle of joy. Praying the biopsy turns out negative…

Mommy J

onlinersclub September 30, 2009 - 1:55 am

whew… that has been an inspiring story. the joy of being a mother in spite of all the pains we have to bare. That’s scary to have that cyst mommy ruby. but at least they have seen it as early as now. I just hope that the result will not be that bad. Congrats again for a healthy baby and welcome to the world Baby Bella.

Irish September 30, 2009 - 3:27 am

i can’t help but feel the pain too mommy while reading your detailed journey. i can clearly remember all the pain i’ve been through on my first and only delivery 2 years ago. i can really feel it. your writings brought so much memories. i was wide awake on my own journey too. congratulations mommy! you did it.

sweet_shelo September 30, 2009 - 9:56 am

amen sis.. God was your real strength during that day. Praise Him forevermore. Thank you for sharing such memorable experience of giving birth to Bella. I am inspired and I know I will be alright this December when my little angel will also come out.

My OB is great too.I know he (male Ob) will take care of me.

genejosh September 30, 2009 - 12:59 pm


Praise God for what He did to you and for your safe delivery. You’re baby is so cute. I took a peek of her first photos, reminds me of my own delivery almost a year ago..the joy of giving birth can’t be measured…

BTW, Mommy Ruby, thanks for pledging to sponsor my contest but you haven’t yet finalized how much EC you could sponsor..The contest will start on October 5. You could check on the heading the list of sponsors..thanks…

nancy September 30, 2009 - 6:02 pm

welcome baby bella… and congrats to you Rubs!
i have read this post through the feed this morning and each detail reminds me exactly of my very first labor experience 8 years ago. but anyway, i won’t dig deep into that. i’m glad you and the baby are safe.

onlinemommy September 30, 2009 - 11:41 pm

Congratulations mommy for a new baby girl 🙂 And I hope that the cyst is benign. Slow down a bit, you still need some rest 🙂

paulo October 2, 2009 - 12:25 pm

Congratulations for a healthy baby girl…


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