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Being married, I could comfortably say that my flirting days are over. All I have now is my kids and my top most priority is to take care of them.Well of course, I have my own “look” before; a look that I used to give my husband as a way of flirting with him. There are different looks that expresses different motives. Below is one of them, and I call it “pa-cute” look!

I use this kind of look if my husband says something and just would want to tease him that I don’t believe him. I totally enjoyed my time with him because I do make him laugh when I do that look.

Anyway, flirting for me is an art. It’s a way a person gets to hold someone’s attention. Of course part of the process is preparing oneself to look good and presentable, a well jazzed-up hair, a good personality (knows how to handle the conversation) and a person’s winning look.

Speaking of great looks and jazzed-up hair, Extreme Style by VO5 has launched a cool contest called the Ultimate Flirting Championship through the widget found below. You can either be the judge or the flirter. From here, you can test whether or not you have the personality to be declared as the flirting champion. By the way, the widget can be grabbed and can be placed either in a blog or any social networking sites such as myspace and facebook.

Try your skills now and see if you have the skills!!

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