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The Love or Money Test

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I took a quick test at Tickle.Com just to perk-up myself from all bad vibes that has been going on my life. So, I took this one.

The Love or Money Test

My Result: Hopeless Romantic

For richer? For poorer? It doesn’t matter to you because you’re the Hopeless Romantic. Whether your sweetie is an oil baron or a grease monkey, it’s all about until death do us part.

Even if you haven’t met “the one,” you’ll judge your soul mate by the love letters, roses, and foot massages — not the size of their bankroll. And even if their wallet is as fat as their sonnet collection, the toughest part of your relationship will be arguing over which charity to choose, who loves whom more, and who’s the bigger Schmoopie. And if that diamond ring turns brass, no biggie — your love is totally not-for-profit.

What are you?

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