The Masskara Festival 2008 Has Ended

The Masskara Festival 2008 has ended yesterday. They have closed the ceremony with a parade in the afternoon and spectacular fireworks during the evening. I will try to post some pictures soon. Just stay tuned.The last parade has no street dancing. Only the barangay and city officials take their annual charter march. Some of the local advertisers joined the parade and gave out promotional products. Unfortunately, I was not able to get some because my hands were bringing something (talk about this later).

Anyway, my former company has joined the parade too. Some of those that knew me screamed by the time they saw me standing at the roadside. One of my former staff hugged me tightly while some of the dealers kissed me. It was exciting to know that they have missed me very much.

I have many things to tell you but I am quite limited right now. But one thing for sure, I might be blogging many good news in the next few days. I am also excited with the outcome of the contest. From the initial 12 entries there are now 20. I hope there would be more to come. I already published the comments and the answer can be found there. Don’t miss the chance to join. You can find the details here.

See you later guys. Need to check more of my emails. Muahs!

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6 thoughts on “The Masskara Festival 2008 Has Ended

  1. Hey You!

    Good to ‘see’ you! I’ve been here, di lang nag leave ng notes.

    So have you talked some sense to your beloved yet? LOL!

    Mommy J

  2. Hello sis! hmmm excited na ko to hear stories about your vacation specially alam mo na hehehe..

    Ingats na lang and yung entry ko sa contest mo coming soon..swerte kasi ako sa pahabol na entry eh kya i’m saving the best for last daw hehe..

    Good day and God bless!

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